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The Investment Advisor Alliance's team works to complete the back office tasks of an advisory firm so you are free to run your business. Our goal is to make your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We strive to provide timely responses to advisor requests with many items being handled and resolved the same day. Documents and requests, after review for completeness and accuracy, are sent to the appropriate custodian in a timely manner. This process helps reduce 'not in good order' requests and speeds the time to completion.

Investment Advisor Alliance associates act as intermediaries between you and the custodian, freeing you to continue to furnish advice, generate new business, and manage your client relationships. We understand advisors' needs and what you expect from the custodians and service providers because we are advisors. The IAA has chosen industry leaders to provide the highest level of service to advisors and clients.

Reporting Daily Reconciliation and Calculation


Each morning data is received from the custodians or aggregation system, processed, and posted.  Reconciliation by a 'rules based' method is used to discover errors or inconsistencies in the data. 

Returns are available on a daily basis and all reports are always up-to-date with the most current data.  

Rebalancing and Trading Services


The Investment Advisor Alliance can act as an Advisor's trading desk by administering to the rebalancing and trading of client portfolios.  This allows RIAs to free-up their time to manage the rest of their business.  Our service model leaves the Advisor in complete control of the investment research, portfolio design, and security selection.


Further description of our Trading and Rebalancing Services can be found here. 

Model Portfolios


IAA creates and maintains several model portfolios for Advisors to choose from for their clients' accounts.  Models IAA designs are based on gaining exposure to asset classes around the globe.  Each Portfolio Series has five options of risk control and options to use ETFs or mutual funds.  ETF portfolios can be adjusted to use as many No Transaction Fee ETFs as possible if an advisor wishes. 

IAA Mutual Fund Models use institutional funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to capture asset class returns.  Additionally, the models are targeted to a specific factor exposure intended to maintain a consistent experience regardless of the model series chosen.   


Account Administration and Billing


Accurate account administration begins with the account opening process.  IAA staff can assist in determining appropriate forms and requirements for funding.

Advisors can simply send all forms to IAA to review prior to us submitting them to the custodians.  We have found that this usually catches standard errors without the custodian's typical multi-day turnaround to be rejected.  The same is true for all ongoing needs including cashiering requests.   


The Investment Advisor Alliance also manages the entire Billing process from invoicing to collection.  We run periodic invoices as well as invoices for new accounts and deposits.  Refunds are run for withdrawals and closed accounts.  All cash flows are managed and RIAs receive annual reports of gross advisory revenue adjusted for refunded fees.  IAA has the ability to do the bookkeeping for your entire business if you decide to outsource that too.


Supported Custodians


IAA maintains relationships with leading custodians to hold client funds and provide execution services.​ Depending on your needs we can act as a liaison to the chosen custodian.  This is often the best choice to maximize your benefit of using IAA. In certain cases we may suggest direct engagement for your firm with the custodian and then utilizing alternative paperwork.  

Compliance and Business Consulting


In running an independent RIA firm, you are responsible for all aspects of the business.  Compliance is often seen as cumbersome; however, we can help by providing input, documents, and reminders to help you manage your compliance responsibilities.  IAA can also be hired to become your service bureau where you can outsource the bulk of the filings and updates.  

RIA Setup


Setting up your RIA can be a stressful process that requires attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the Advisors Act and jurisdictional regulations.  We assist you from Entitlement through Approval with all required documents and provide consultation about the design of your firm and its procedures.  

Compliance Oversight


For qualified advisors only, IAA may offer the opportunity to become an advisor under The Investment Advisor Alliance's registration and be subject to our policies, procedures, fee schedules, and oversight.  This benefits you by having a Chief Compliance Officer in place without subjecting yourself to the job. 

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