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The Investment Advisor Alliance offers advisors several options to manage their client portfolios ranging from Advisor Directed models to IAA Models, each with options for Overlay Management to control taxes.  To learn more register to view the portfolio summaries or call us at 800-607-3340.

Advisor Directed

The ultimate in freedom with an outsourced solutions, the Advisor Directed program frees advisors from the portfolio adminstration required to maintain client portfolios on an ongoing basis.  Perfect for the advisor creating their own models, offers investment research as a value add, or wants to efficiently create a multi-custodial TAMP.

Dynamic Portfolios

Our Dynamic Porfolios will maintian a core of a Strategic Portfolio with a secondary portfolio comprised of ETFs that will vary within specified ranges based on technical indicators and economic opinions.  The goal is to reduce downside volatility but with any investment plan there is downside risk. The secondary portfolio will be managed to benefit from active risk controls. 

Strategic Portfolios

IAA Strategic Portfolios are desinged for various client risks by balancing equity volatilty with fixed income steadiness.  Based on academic research, these portfolios are created with ETFs and/or institutional researched-based mutual funds.  Several models use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) mutual funds to capture asset class returns.

Overlay Managment

Available to any portoflio, advisors can hire IAA to manage the tax loss decisons and household allocations.  This service will attempt to reduce the taxes the client may realize in a given year with either or both strategies.


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