Be More Profitable

with Less Expense and Less Risk

The Investment Advisor Alliance can absorb all the non-client-facing activities giving you more time to spend with clients, prospecting, or relaxing.  You and your firm can take advantage of IAA's experience and infrastructure to adopt as your own.  

Your clients will appreciate the high quality reports you offer, the accessibility  and portfolio design and maintenance.  The Turnkey Advisory Program is all about you.  Give us a call to learn more.



Increase Revenue

With more time to work with clients and prospect for more business, you have the ability to increase your assets under management and billable hours.  IAA can free up hours in your day that is typically spent on mundane, non-revenue generating, administrative work.


Reduce Expenses

The Investment Advisor Alliance's Turnkey Advisor Program operates as your back-office so you don't need to hire employees or spend your time on activities that do not increase revenue or impact client service. And finding anyone or a team to do everything we can handle is more expensive. The freedom to eliminate staff saves tens of thousands of dollars per year in direct cost plus saves you from training them, providing insurance and benefits, offering vacation time, and monitoring them. All the little things that come with having employees really add up quick!

The Turnkey Advisory Program includes the technology needs for most advisory firms leaving only financial planning software to be obtained separately.  IAA's ability to provide all the infrastructure at a low cost from a single point of contact saves you not only money, but time too. 

Be Better

With the new found freedom, advisors can be more proactive in serving their clients, do more extensive research on investment vehicles and theory, spend more time with clients without rushing them, and stay on top of evolving planning techniques.

Because your business is built around you and your clients you will have more satisfied clients with a deeper need for your advice.


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